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Healthy Hound Therapy

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 Canine Myotherapy for maintaining muscular health, rehabilitation, and wellbeing

 What is Galen Myotherapy and how can it help your dog?


Galen Myotherapy is more than just massage.

Galen Myotherapy includes a full gait analysis and postural assessment of your dog, targeted massage techniques together with exercise management to enhance mobility and optimise muscle function.   


Galen Myotherapy from Healthy Hound Therapy can be extremely effective for treating dogs with chronic muscular pain to promote recovery and wellbeing.

For many conditions such as:

  • Lameness

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Behavioural issues (these can often stem from a dog being in discomfort)

  • Compensatory muscle loading issues

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Sub-luxating patella

Could your dog benefit?

There are many reasons that your dog could benefit from Galen Myotherapy treatment from Healthy Hound Therapy  to maintain their muscles and keep them in optimal health, these are just some of them:

Does your dog love to run, chase, and leap?

Is your dog older and starting to slow down?

Do you run, race, or compete in agility, flyball or other dog sports? 


Is your dog recovering from surgery or injury?

Is your dog a working or service dog?

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Does your dog alter its stance or gait to compensate for muscular imbalance?



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As a Galen Myotherapist my treatment ethos follows Galen's 6 Guiding Principles


Galen’s unique positive PACT treatment protocol ensures that the dog being treated feels that they have a ‘choice’ in the treatment. I never use forced restraint, and treatment will always take place on the floor or on a low level, which is where a dog is most comfortable. It is an essential part of building a trust relationship with your dog that they feel that they can walk away from the treatment area at any time.



I recognise that it is often difficult to become involved in your dog’s treatment and that when they are struggling you will want to help. I will always include you in your dog’s treatment plan, showing you how to use safe techniques, along with exercise planning and ‘environment’ management.



All Galen Canine Myotherapists®*are qualified to an exceptional level, anatomy and physiology learning is directed at functional application. I understand the dog’s anatomy in terms of movement, how the dog’s body works and how stress can be reflected through behaviour. My knowledge is always applied through a ‘dog centric’ application of choice-led treatment.



Galen was the first therapy organisation to discuss the direct connection between muscle pain and specific behaviour patterns. This information and knowledge is also invaluable when assessing and detecting changes. I will guide you through understanding how muscle pain can be reflected in your dog’s behaviour.



The welfare of dogs is Galen’s primary concern, this takes priority over all other considerations. We believe in sharing knowledge through training, workshops, symposiums and events all over the world. We truly believe that what we do improves the health and wellbeing of dogs and we share this knowledge in the most appropriate and far-reaching ways.


The Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma course content has changed radically over the years due to new developments in understanding the behaviour and physical changes of dogs with muscular issues. I ensure that I keep up to date with the latest evidence and findings, and I modify my treatment to incorporate this. Like any science, there are new discoveries constantly, and it’s vital for animal welfare that we’re at the forefront of current understanding.



From the start of Jen arriving at our house I could tell Moss felt at ease. He is very loving but prefers his own space and way of doing things. Jen worked with him to ensure he was always comfortable and felt at ease. 

After the first treatment we noticed Moss appeared more comfortable and walked easier, even in ways we did not realise he was struggling with. Jen was able to identify where Moss was struggling and in pain, using techniques and teaching us how to extend the treatment she gave him so we could continue to help him improve.

After Jen’s sessions Moss looks so relaxed and pain free it is wonderful to see.

Jen not only treats Moss for the time she is with him but extends her knowledge to teach us ways of helping him on a daily basis. Jen has helped Moss with his overall mobility and as a result he appears much more content in his advancing years.

Moss's Owner


"Jack immediately responded to Jen’s techniques and was visibly enjoying the sessions. Post sessions Jack was very relaxed and seemed far calmer and his movement more fluid. 

Jenny is an exceptional practitioner and her understanding of both physiognomy and psychology of dogs seems to be of the highest level. We truly feel that he is far happier as a result of being visibly more comfortable physically and far calmer and biddable.

We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Jenny to friends whose dogs would benefit from this kind of treatment."

Jack’s Owner


"I'm so pleased with the results on Lexi. Jenny was always incredibly helpful, descriptive, professional, and amazing with Lexi. Lexi loved Jenny's visits".

Lexi’s Owner

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